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Here you can find a number of my original articles that I wrote especially for this web site.


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The texts are not written in the uniform style. Feel free to read them in any order.

Any pieces of advice or criticism are welcome.

I. Theory, Equipment, and Practical Issues

1. Slave Flash Trigger Unit
2. Depth of Field. A combination of unknown and obvious facts
3. Blurring the Background. A scientific approach
4. JPEG vs. Wavelet
5. Cable Switch You Can Drink From. An accessory for Pentax ZX Cameras
6. Voltage Reduction on Flash Trigger Contacts
7. Choice of a Photo Camera: SLR vs. P&S vs. Digital
8. A K-mount hole. A pinhole camera based on a Pentax SLR camera
A Story About MTF An introduction to the art of understanding MTF
10. How many pixels does a film frame contain?
Is film photography coming to an end?

11. The skies, labs, and P&S cameras. Important banalities
12. How many pixels does a film frame contain? Part 2. FAQ
13. Rauschenbach's Theory of Perspective and Photography. Is a 50mm lens still a good choice?
14. At what distance should a viewer look at photos?
15. How do out-of-focus areas look like? Theory of bokeh, ni-sen and other weird phenomena
16. Understanding physical meaning of sharpness. Is Harold Merklinger's theory correct?
17. Adding new pixels to a picture. An inexact comparison of several approaches to resampling
18. How to make a simple lens hood? Recalling ancient pyramids.
19. How to make a simple soft-focus lens. A loupe based single element lens
20. The Charms and Myths of the Medium Format. How one should compare different formats?
21. The Great Depth-of-Field of Digital Cameras. The blurring that we lost


II. Inexact Tests

1. Pentax FA 43Lim/1.9 vs. Pentax FA 50/1.4
2. Meniscus Lens vs. Computer Simulation


III. Art and Aesthetics

1. Creating and Understanding Art
2. A Gestalt Therapy Session. A couple of words about ideas in art
3. Illusions and Emotions. Anticipating the tenth anniversary of Dogma 95


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