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This site mainly deals with photography which has been one of my favourite hobbies so far.

I tried to put a lot of effort into this project to make it interesting for both accidental and purposeful visitors, and I hope you will be able to find some useful or funny information here. If the site appears to be interesting for you, have fun! If not, do not be upset. There are many other interesting and wonderful sites on the Web!

It is quite obvious to me that I will not have enough time to publish a lot of new stuff on a regular basis. However, at least six times a year, I will try to add something new to these pages. So, please visit the site again, you are always welcome!

Thanks for your visit. Good luck.

Best regards,
Igor aka HobbyMaker



Tao of Photography


Any questions? Comments? Remarks? Ideas?
Do not hesitate! Mail all those things to me right away!

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