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A few words about myself

Since this site deals with photography, I find it reasonable to say a few words about myself in this context. - Russian Photo Links

This hobby of mine has its origin in my childhood. When I was about ten, somebody presented me with a broken Soviet camera Smena-8. Its shutter was completely out of order. However, even in that poor condition, the camera managed to arouse interest in photography. I got hold of quite an old book entitled "25 Photography Lessons" by V. Mikulin and started learning the theory. Meanwhile, the camera was being repaired for me.

Unfortunately, I failed to retain my first photos. Now I would pay a lot for any available opportunity to have a look at them. Whatever you may say, photographs are truly materialized pieces of memory that enable us to conjure up emotions of the past.

My favourite genre is city photography. I believe it to be gratifying for both experienced photographers and beginners. Just start taking pictures outdoors, and you will find the results quite interesting. If not, wait for ten years. Cars, clothes, newsstands, shop windows — almost everything will be slightly different then. And your pictures will acquire a historical value.

Although I have used many types of equipment and taken a lot of pictures now, I remain only a keen amateur. I do not think it is bad. The difference between an amateur and a pro is not in quality of their pictures. A professional has to perform orders, therefore he must work to a deadline and get results. An amateur does not have to hurry. He may carry out experiments and make progress little by little. However it remains important for him to improve his skills and not to wallow in ignorance. And, of course, the last idea can be said not only to a photographer, but to any other person as well.

At present I shoot mainly with two cameras: Pentax MZ-7 (ZX-7) with several lenses and Yashica T5. And from time to time I take my old Smena-8 with me. After all, brandnames do not matter. What really matters is a photographer's ability to achieve good results with the help of available equipment.

Best regards

May 2002


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