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Red Square and the Surrounding Area

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I resumed using the Soviet Industar-50-2 lens late 2002. It is a copy of the classical Tessar, which is famous for its good quality, low weight, and small size. Although this lens is not popular with Russian photographers now, I am still sure it is a good performer. Moreover, my Pentax MZ-6 SLR camera with attached Industar-50-2 has dimensions of a P&S camera, which is very convenient. And finally, this lens is truly cheap. In Moscow, it is available on the second-hand market for a rediculous price of $2 to $5.

In early spring of 2003, I attached this lens to my camera and went for a walk around Moscow Kremlin. When I approached the Red Square, I decided to take several shots there.

Entrance Gate
56 K

A Yard
79 K

Spasskaya Tower
75 K

GUM Store
86 K

A Church in a Yard
77 K

GUM building
86 K

Near the Cathedral
65 K

Red Square
75 K

78 K


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