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The Flounder Super Fisheye Lens is available now!

The photograph to the left of this text was made with the brand-new super lens with the taking angle of 183.7°. The lens was given to me by Peter Netopyrov-Zuisky, a Russian inventor who lives in Moscow.

This guy, who is suprisingly modest about his inventions, often sells his handmade coated lenses to amateurs and pros at very reasonable prices. People willingly buy his simple yet effective lenses. But the Flounder lens is a true gem among all of his devices. The lens is equipped with the special ring to adjust the degree of distortion. It can have any popular mount adapter and can be attached practically to any camera.

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Some advice from an experienced photographer:

When using film cameras, follow these simple rules. Remember that well-begun is half-done!

1. Do not forget to load film before shooting. Remember that simetimes it is not enough to place the film cartridge in the film chamber. You will have to position the film leader correctly as well.

2. If you shoot with an SLR camera, do not forget to attach the lens. Remember that lenses and air space have a slightly different optical performance.

3. If your camera is electronic, do not forget to load batteries. Remember that electrons tend to travel from plus to minus, not vice versa.

4. And the last one. If you use a P&S camera, do not confuse it with a soap container. Or your favourite bar of soap can be damaged!

Good luck! Have fun!

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